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Has your home fallen victim to a termite infestation? Don't wait till it gets worse. Call us 24/7 for emergency termite treatment service. With 30 years of experience, our friendly and knowledgeable is there to treat your termite problem as soon as possible.

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Termite treatment services

  • Here in Texas we mostly have subterranean termites

  • Subterranean termite colonies can have up to 2 million members

  • Their colonies are divided into three groups: workers, solders, reproductive

Subterranean termites in Texas

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Termite facts

  • Termites attack 1 in every 20 homes each year in Texas

  • Termites have been around since the time of the dinosaurs

  • Termite colonies eat non-stop 24 hours per day

  • Termites cause up to $2 billion in damage per year

  • All termites are social insects and raise their young as a group

  • Subterranean termites are the most destructive kind of termites

  • They can eat a lot of wood and cause a lot of damage to a house

  • They can destroy building foundations, wooden support beams, plastic, plumbing, pipes, subflooring, insulation, and even swimming pool liners!

  • Termites can also injure or destroy living trees and shrubs

Damage from subterranean termites

  • Keep soaker hoses away from the house

  • Don’t let water accumulate around your home foundation--termites like that

  • Never leave wood scrapes in the yard for them to snack on

How to prevent termites from entering your home

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